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LP 180 gr

One of the most important historic bands in Italian progressive and jazz-rock, Arti & Mestieri delivers a unique, original, intense and delicate sound, in which jazz, progressive rock and Mediterranean sounds blend together to create a language of great expressiveness and communication. Arti & Mestieri revive the glories of the past, demonstrating how the quality and class of their music have remained intact.

A splendid box set consisting of 2 CDs and a DVD contains all the work, as well as two improvised songs in the breathtaking finale of the event, performed together with Patrizio Fariselli - Area Open Project ("The Wind Cries Mary" J.Hendrix, and "King Kong" F. Zappa); two legendary protagonists from the Italian music story.

A decidedly rich setlist, featuring a selection of songs from the recent masterpiece "Universi Paralleli" (2015), original arrangements of instrumental hits from historic records such as "Tilt" (1974) and "Giro di Valzer" (1975), as well as the first live performance ever in the world of the gems such as "Danza di Luna" and "Da Nord a Sud", all recorded and filmed with a "custom-made" technique aiming to reproduce the band's original sound of the 70s.

"Live In Japan" (Jazz Rock Legends LIVE IN JAPAN) is a magnificent record production featuring the entire Arti & Mestieri live show from May 18, 2019: their fourth sensational return to the land of the Rising Sun, performing at the prestigious Jazz Rock Legends, where the band are appreciated by the ambitious audience as "one of the best historical musical realities currently active in the world".

Line Up

Furio Chirico - drums, percussions, gong
Gigi Venegoni - electric guitars
Lautaro Acosta - electric violin
Piero Mortara - keyboards, accordion, piano
Roberto Puggioni - bass, fretless bass