Resistenze Elettriche - LO ZOO DI BERLINO feat Patrizio fariselli (Vinyl)

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Resistenze Elettriche - LO ZOO DI BERLINO  feat Patrizio fariselli (Vinyl)

Vinyl Album | Side A Live Recording - Side B Studio Recording
Post Rock - Experimental Music
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Massimiliano Bergo - drums & electronics
Andrea Pettinelli - bass & electronics
Diego Pettinelli - rhodes | organ | synth

special guest

Patrizio Fariselli - piano | synth
Christian F - voice off

Lo ZOO di Berlino is an Italian trio, with electric piano, bass and drums, mixing the great tradition of Italian progressive rock and jazz rock with contemporary sounds, psyschedelic music, stoner, post-rock and soundtrack music. Their latest album, "Resistenze Elettriche" was recorded with Patrizio Fariselli, keyboard player of the most legendary Italian band ever, Area - International POPular Group, commonly known as Area, led by the incredible singer Demetrio Stratos.
The album includes three radical improvisations over classical Area themes, "Elefante Bianco", "Arbeit Macht Frei" and "L'Internazionale", the world famous workers' hymn, together with unreleased songs and an unique version of "Bella Ciao", the tune of the Italian partisans that has been tunerd into a spy story abstact funk.
The band is also active as production unit and the two founders, the brothers Andrea and Diego Pettinelli have worked and gained respect from artists like Gianni Nocenzi, Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, Balletto di Bronzo and Italian medias consider Lo ZOO di Berlino as the direct heir of that great season.